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The exploration of the 1994 Origin raves held at the Corn Exchange led us to a Facebook group called “Raved in the 90s,” we were fortunate enough to secure an interview with someone who had attended the Origin rave in February and August of 1994 and used this interview to inform the dramatization of the queue dialogue, synchronizing it with sound footage from the Origin rave available on YouTube. Another aspect of our narrative involved incorporating a verbatim report that vividly captured the exhilaration of dancing at a rave from a first-person perspective.  

The year 1994 was fascinating to investigate because the raves took place in February and August. By November of that same year, the landscape of the rave scene, especially the free party scene, had been forever altered by the Criminal Justice Bill.

The Immersive Networks Heritage XR Audio experience incorporates a diverse range of elements aimed at immersing people in history and instilling curiosity about the heritage of the Corn Exchange and Brighton Dome. In its truest form, it has the potential to take you on a journey around the Royal Pavilion Estate using 5G technology. Today, you will sample the stories in one location. 

Firstly, there’s the soundscape, which transports you to a specific time and place. Then, we have verbatim history, providing factual context and informative narratives about the times we are immersing you. Additionally, we employ imagined and dramatized stories, creating a sense of being present in historical moments and igniting a fascination with the past. Lastly, we integrate poetic responses to engage you on an abstract level. 

To further enhance the immersion, we use relics from the past. These include copies of the original flyers from the Origin Rave 1994, a pair of vintage skates from the suffragette era, and an old bench that evokes the atmosphere of a Quaker burial in the 1700s.

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